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Our adress:
Kurt and Karin Stüber
Hommelsheimstr. 7
D-53359 Rheinbach

(This email is no link to click but has to be typed. This avoids unwanted spam email to us).

The Meerschweinchen.de-Team does not help to sell or buy guinea pigs and we do not provide a list of breeders!

We are happy to give you any help with keeping, breeding, feeding, handling, care and diseases. Since we receive a lot of emails the answers may take a while, so please be patient.

Attention! Should your animal be acute ill, then DO NOT wait for our answer but contact your veterinatian immediately!!! In addition we often cannot give you more help from afar than a veterinarian who has actually seen the animal. We do not guarantee for the correctness of any advices you may get from us.

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